Why its so important to ‘purge’ while practicing intermittent fasting

This right here is an ordinary meal I had over the weekend. Its ridiculously huge. Whats even harder to understand is this is coming from a fella who preaches intermittent fasting.

4 french toasts… 2000 calories.

Trust me, its not as dangerous as it looks, in fact, you’ll find that this is exactly what you need while losing weight.

Hear me out…

…I really GO HARD on my purge days. My purge day is your ordinary cheat day, only that I don’t hold back.

Only one rule, just make sure you stay within your calorie count.

What is a is this purging that I’m talking about?

Got the idea from the movie, The Purge.

Really love this movie. Not because of the violence but the general idea of taking one day out to satisfy your internal desires.

I use this day to eat whatever I d

If you have been following my weight loss journey, you’ll understand that I live the intermittent fasting lifestyle.

I love the results, the feeling and the benefits…

…While I have grown used and accustomed to it, chances are pretty high that
you will back slide and binge on that not so good food.

In fact this has happened so MANY times. When you slip, you will go through all sorts of emotions,
feelings of failure, denial, GUILT…

So that’s why its important to to take one day out of the week where you
“Purge”. Having this one day throws you in balance with reality.

The ‘purge’ a.k.a your cheat day is more than a just an indulgence, its a psychological measure to bring you to balance with the reality provided you stay within your calorie count. And its not hard at all.

Do you know what the reality is?
The reality is that at the end of the day you are human and we humans have our favorite food.


Food that if you are restrained from, you will somewhat go mad…


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