Why you’ve miserably failed to sell your second hand car

And chances are that you’ll be bullied into selling at a very low price.

We all have our crazy moments don’t we? I experienced mine sometime back in may beginning of this year. I had just read one of Gary Halbert’s newsletter (prominent marketer and copywriter). The newsletter was about the one and only advantage you’d need to make loads of sales.

As you can imagine, this sparked a lot of desire to try it out. There was just one problem, I didn’t have anything to sell :)

So while driving to work, I remembered, a website where people go to look for second hand cars and a bunch of other stuff. Here I was seated in a 2006 Iswara, very good condition and access to website with literally hundreds of thousands of  HUNGRY buyers.

Think you can see the pattern hehe.

All they needed was a good reason for someone to buy.

My idea was to through up an advert on and see the kind of response I could get for my proton Iswara. Now everything seemed to be going according to plan except that I didn’t know what to write.

I could have done what everyone was doing (copy the other guy’s ad) but I passionately hate cliches…

…My belief is that every item you own has a story and every story is unique so why would you copy someone else’s ad when your item has a story.

There are literally million things you could talk about in your so that you can stand out…

…For my case I decided to tell the story of who I got my car from then slowly slip in the benefits and a guarantee that seemed ridiculous. So ridiculous, no sane car dealership could offer such.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the screen grab of the actual ad (never thought I’d ever publicly confess my madness) but, I still have the raw unedited ad draft in a notepad file. Here it is:


Basic as it was, the results of this posting/ad were nothing short of amazing.

In the first 4 hours, I had 10 people contact me via phone calls, whats app, messages and email. Well I found out that 3 of these fellas were fraudsters but still, I had 7 potential prospects ready to buy CASH.

One prominent marketer and possibly the best copywriter in the world, Clayton Make Peace, had a few templates up on his website

Weird keywords that sell cars on

  • Lady owner
  • Lecturer owner
  • One careful owner

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