Major Google Chrome Glitch: Your Shopify clients are about to take an ROI hit unless you do this…

Major Google Chrome Glitch is about to cost Shopify Merchants DEARLY, here’s how you can help as an Ad-Agency…

This Google Chrome affects all computers, mainly running Mac OS X, old versions from 2008 up until 2012.

This article does get technical but for those who need a quick fix, here’s the ‘Too Long Did not Read’ version.

In a nutshell, folks over at Apple aren’t updating these old Mac Os X versions, as result, a few key parts of Google Chrome are not being updated…

SSL Certificates.
A company called ‘Let’s Encrypt’ who are powering the vast majority of SSL certificates on the web, decided to update their base certificate from the old ‘DST Root CA X3’ to the new ‘ISGR Root RX1’.

Unfortunately, this left Google Chrome thinking that the DST Root CA X3 had expired(which is correct in its own right), ISGR Root RX1 isn’t being recognised hence throwing that error.

Now there several solutions to this problem and it depends on whether you are shopify Agency or a shopper looking at purchasing a gift for thanks-giving/christmas…

If you are an agency, here is your turn to shine, you could save your shopify clients loads of money.

You could eother send them a tutorial, walking through how to install the new ISGR Root X1 certificate on to their account on computer


Tell them to tottally use a different browser, for instance Mozilla Firefox. Firefox doesn’t seems to have been affected by the lates

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