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How To Calculate If Your Campaigns Will Make Money

CTR! CVR! CPM! CPC! CPA! EPC! Affiliate marketing is a game of thrones – you win or you die. No, wait, that’s wrong. Thankfully. Affiliate marketing is a game of numbers. If the numbers don’t work, you don’t make money. Most of us understand what each of the individual metrics for affiliate marketing mean: CTR…

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Why its so important to ‘purge’ while practicing intermittent fasting

This right here is an ordinary meal I had over the weekend. Its ridiculously huge. Whats even harder to understand is this is coming from a fella who preaches intermittent fasting. 4 french toasts… 2000 calories. Trust me, its not as dangerous as it looks, in fact, you’ll find that this is exactly what you need while losing…

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